Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recording Session

A few days ago I made a little trip down to visit AppleCider and be a guest on the Bronyville podcast. I thought everypony might like to see a little bit of the behind the scenes.

Let's start out with a look at the equipment. I'm not going to pretend like I know what all of that stuff actually does, but we did a bunch of fiddling around and moving microphones in and such. Fashion Style (FS) Fluttershy came with me for some good luck.

In addition to being New Year's Eve it was also AppleCider's birthday so we had Indian takeout and StarryNight got him a surprise cake! As we were singing Happy Birthday one of the candles fell over and I was afraid it was going to fall and catch the carpet on fire. And for those listeners that were wondering he did blow out all of the candles in one go :)

And here is a picture of me, probably at the part where I was derping and not remembering the address of my own blog. HipsterDerpy's So Soft (SS) Paradise hopped up on the couch to provide some G1 love as well. AC & Chef Sandy did a very nice job of making me feel comfortable. I feel like it has been quite a while since I have laughed like that. One thing I wasn't expecting (and that I hope doesn't show up in the audio too much) is that I kept smacking my glasses into the microphone.

So yeah a big big thank you to Bronyville for having me on. It was a lot of fun and I hope somepony out there found it entertaining.


  1. I know who's Zoom R-16 that is! It's gonna be awesome having Apple Cider record at the CON~ <3

  2. Glad you seem to know what it is, because I don't!

  3. @Hipster It probably won't be :( Technical problems = lost episode of BronyVille.

  4. gaaaah...of all the recordings, why did it have to be yours??? i hope there isn't..a conspiracy....

  5. Lol, I teased ChefSandy and asked if I was so boring I broke bronyville :P It's just something that happens.