Monday, January 23, 2012

Blind Bags

Hasbro finally did something right!

I'm pretty sure I mentioned blind bag ponies earlier, but just to recap a blind bag pony is a small molded pony packaged in silver foil bag. Because the pony you are purchasing is unknown you are "blind" buying the pony. I actually really like the blind bag as it embraces the collectable aspect of ponies. The set comes with several different characters and special "sparkly" versions of some of the "mane" cast.

The annoying thing is that the blind bags have been available in places outside of the US for the last year and a half and every time I went into the toy store and saw a squinky or blind bag Disney figure I'd get more and more annoyed with Hasbro for not delivering the blind bag ponies.

Well this week there were several sightings of blind bag ponies in Walmarts across the US! Finally, finally we are getting the blind bags! Too bad I've stopped at 4 Walmarts and have not seen hide or hair of them.

To console myself I started customizing some of the ones I bought in the TRU (ToysRUs) BOGO sale. I've learned yellow is a really big pain in the butt to paint with. It has something with the pigments not dispersing well and requiring many layers for coverage.

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