Monday, February 27, 2012

Collection Update: Canterlot & Playset Ponies

This is a continuation of my last post as I try to catch up with all of the ponies in my collection.

Rarity's Carousel Boutique came with a walking pose Rarity and a bonus pony Sweetie Swirl

There was also a set called Fun at the Fair that introduced Applebloom and a reissued Sweetie Belle.

The Canterlot line of pony toys was a Target Exclusive and Starbeam Twinkle came as a bonus pony with a cardboard castle.

And I finally got a Princess Luna

And I can't forget the Fashion Style Fluttershy I got for christmas

And that makes me mostly caught up. Wave 4 will get it's own post later this week.

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  1. How lovable this playset ponies are, really feminine. Girls would love its colorful body and hair. What more can a girl ask for if they see this toy.