Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts And Hooves Day

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day Everypony!

This blog post is dedicated to a little girl named Lucy who loves the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show. Her mom contacted me through a art website and asked if I could draw some ponies for her daughter by Valentines Day.

Her favorite ponies are Rainbow Dash

I wish this one was a little better. I am still learning to work with the ink and something just feels "off" though I can't quite place it.

Lucy also likes Princess Celestia

I know most adults are iffy about glitter on ATC cards, but I couldn't resist giving the princess some extra sparkly hair.

In exchange for my art Lucy's mom sent me some cards with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow dash.

They also included a coloring picture of Fluttershy (my favorite) and Lucy also drew me a super pretty Princess Celestia!

PS: 5996 pageviews and 58 posts!

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