Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blind Bags

It's been a bit quiet from me this week as I have had some big projects due at work. But now it's the weekend and I can update the blog.

I was lucky enough to find a handful of blind bag ponies yesterday while I was out and about with the other NorCal bronies for a brony meet up. The blind bags are becoming a little easier to find, but as the stores are only getting one box at a time actually finding any is pretty good, so this is a rather large post.

As you can see the size of the bags is a little misleading when it comes to the size of the actual pony figure.

Inside each bag is a trading card with a picture of the pony on the front and a little profile of the pony on the back. Also included is a pamphlet that shows all of the ponies in this blind bag set. They still only take up about half the size of the bag though, so I just don't see why the packaging is as large as it is.

The cashier was kind enough to let me keep the box and I noticed on the ride home that the box has an image on it from season two of the television series. I would hope that these weren't delayed as long as they were for something like packaging art. Of course it's possible that I am misremembering, but I'm pretty sure we didn't see any unicorn statues until season two.

Speaking of oddities, Gabumon at the MLPArena noticed that there is actually a coverup label on every. single. pamphlet and box. I've pulled the sticker off so you can see the original text beneath the coverup. Originally the text over the silhouetted ponies said "special edition ponies!" which was later changed to "3 other figures available (not shown)". The only explanation we have come up with thus far is that they are avoiding the term "special edition" as there are one of each pony in the box so no one pony is more rare than the others.

It also looks like Target is planning on getting the blind bag figures, though they didn't have any in stock when I was there. I took the product I bought at Toys R Us and ran it through the scanner to see if it would pick anything up.

Sadly, it looks like Target would not be the best place to shop for blind bags as they are $1.99 at Toys R Us and $1.96 at Walmart. Hopefully Target will revise their prices by the time the stock comes in.


  1. Awesome! I went to Toys R Us recently (I don't remember when exactly) and managed to get 11 blind bag toys and I got to keep the box! I'd almost given up hope of finding them in the US because I couldn't find them anywhere until then!

    1. Good job! If you check back in a week or so they will probably get some more in!