Thursday, March 31, 2011

Collection Update (Warning! Image Heavy)

Let's start off with Applejack. I don't think her toy is anything like her show counterpart, but I'm loving the simple color combination. I'm going to work on the bangs a bit more and eventually find a cute ribbon for her.

Next up is the Pinkie Pie set I mentioned in the blog the other day. Ben found these girls at Target.

Pinkie Pie unboxed.

And Sweetie Belle. I think she is a beautiful little unicorn!

Now for the G1 part of the update!

These lovely ladies I purchased around 2003 or so. I had them displayed in my room for a while and before I moved I packed them in a plastic bag  to keep them safe. Well after I moved I couldn't find the bag and assumed they had been accidentally thrown away. I sold my collection in 2009 to pay for summer classes. While I was going through my photos on the computer I found some pictures I had taken of the ponies year ago and sent a picture of one to my mom asking if she had seen it. Since my mother had recently moved and thus packed up everything in the house this wasn't completely impossible. A few minutes later she sent me a text back and a few days later the ponies were on the way across the country! 

And this is the collection as of today :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kindness of Ponies a Conversation

This evening I was at home and my fiance was out at two different gigs for the day. He called saying the girl he was playing piano for had not gone on to the next round of her competition so he would be home earlier than expected. A little while later I got a second, unexpected phone call.

Ben: "What was the name of the pony you were looking for?"
Me: "Pinkie Pie with Sweetie Bell, they come in a set together, why?"
Ben: "Okay I think I found the right one."
Me: "Wait where are you at, Target?"
Ben:"Yeah there were three on my way home but the first one didn't have it"

So, Ben stopped at two different Targets looking for a pony for me. I didn't ask him to do it and didn't expect it as though I watch the show with him, he never showed much interest in the toys.

Sometimes the smallest things make a big deal to me and this is one of them. <3

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New pony art= new theme

I killed my art slump by drawing a cute little pony. When I went to color her though I couldn't think of any existing ponies that had a personality that fit her face.  The new HUB ponies seem to take G1 names with G3 inspired symbols or colors and mash them up, so this here is my Starlight. I hope you like her as she inspired a new theme for the blog. I think the old one was just too busy anyway.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My Applejack came from Hasbro! She was sitting in the mail room when I got home from class at 10 last night. The box Hasbro used for shipping was ridiculously big though! I was half hoping they had sent me the Orchard playset on accident, but no, jut one tiny pony in a very big box. I just noticed today that AJ is missing her signature freckles. I know she doesn't have them in Friendship is Magic, but as I do have some white paint I think she'll be getting some freckles and maybe some sculpey apples if I'm not too lazy.

And this is what my herd currently looks like.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rescue At Midnight Castle

This evening I had Ben sit and watch Rescue at Midnight Castle/Escape From Midnight Castle with me. I adore the pilot episode and as a child rented it from the movie store so many times! It is really nice to see how Friendship is Magic is intentionally keeping some of the old elements. Interestingly enough Ben said his favorite parts of the show where when ponies were falling. I never noticed it before, but it does happen quite a bit.

The special seems to go so quickly now though. It seems like when I was younger the battle between the rainbows lasted forever and I was always a little worried for the rainbow of light. Now it just flies by so quickly.

I don't really try to think of Applejack in the pilot as Applejack in FIM. They seem like two very different ponies to me. But often I think that a pony in FIM reminds me of a pony (or ponies) from the original series.

Twilight Sparkle = Twilight + Windwhistler
Twilight Sparkle is the only unicorn I can think of in FIM that has winked in and out, the original Twilight's signature move in the pilot. While Twilight Sparkle doesn't use quite the same extensive vocabulary as Windwhistler  they seem similar in personality and are the knowledgeable ponies.

Rainbow Dash = Firefly
I have seen a lot of people compare RD to Gusty, but gusty was impatient and grumpy. I think of RD as more high octane and living on the edge.  I can totally imagine RD trying to do the infamous double inside out loop.

Rarity= Heart Throb
I feel like this is more of a stretch than others, but Heart Throb was always thinking of romance and rarity does have the scene where she wants to meet the royal pony. I feel like Heart Throb tended to wear more ponywear than the other ponies, like Rarity does in FIM.

Pinkie Pie = Surprise + Fizzy
Pinkie Pie is probably my least favorite pony on FIM (hey, with 6 characters someone is going to end up on the bottom...) but I feel like my biggest problems with Pinkie Pie are 1. Her name doesn't seem very ponyish. I'm hoping this will be resolved in the upcoming episode where we learn how the ponies got their cutie marks. 2. The extreme over the topness. I feel like Surprise and Fizzy both acted in the same roles at Pinkie but were generally less obnoxious and had cooler names. If they really wanted to keep pink I don't see why they didn't go with Cotton Candy! It would fit the sweets aspect better and give you the idea of a sugar rush! Plus her hair kind of looks like cotton candy!

All I can say is I'd love to see a new interpretation of Return of Tambelon!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Twlight Deboxed

Here's Twilight!
I must admit I wish she were darker (and that her head matched, but apparently no one has found her w/matching head so whatever.) Of course Hasbro went and made her tail too pink too. I would be tempted to dye it purple, but I am afraid of messing up the pony. I sound all negative but really she is a pretty pony and a great character.

And here are all the girls together. Yes, I chopped Dash's hair; it's a bit more spunky now!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twilight and Target

A new Target has opened relatively close to home and I figured it was worth heading over to turn in my pony credit on the off chance that they might have new ponies.

The parking lot was a nightmare! No kidding it was the scariest parking lot I have ever seen. There were cars everywhere and not enough spots and I thought for sure someone was going to hit us. When we finally got in the store and found the ponies the area was smaller than I had been hoping and there were still a lot of G3.5s (ugh scary!) so the pickings were slim.  The two Twilights' heads that were there were very mismatched so we decided to walk to Toys R Us and check there too. The aisles at TRU were even worse! They didn't even have holders for the ponies to hang on... But they did have an Eastershy and a slightly better Twilight. We escaped the parking lot of doom with Twilight in tow and really, I don't think I plan on going back there ever again.

Pictures later :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Collection Update!

I bought Rarity last week at Target, but only this morning took her out of the box. Ben let her out and a little bit of hair snagged so I ended cutting off an inch or so of a few strands. She also has some glue in her tail, but I'm hoping the curl will hide it.  As far as the show goes I'm kind of meh about Rarity, but she is a very pretty pony toy! Anyway Rarity update seems timely considering she was the focus of the newest episode.

Doesn't she have the most beautiful hair? I really will have to go back and try to get the mane curls better some day but I love how her tail curled out.

And for fun here is the current gang.

Sears Fail & Pony Rewards Program

I stopped in Sears today to see if they carried ponies. Kmart does and the companies merged several years ago, so this doesn't seem that strange to me. Honestly I feel pretty bad for girls today. The toy isle consisted of nothing but disney crap and off brand baby dolls. Where are the ponies, littlest petshop, etc? I know when I was a kid I liked playing with animal toys!

I know this may sound silly, but I do not want to get ALL the g4 ponies like I did the g3s. I got burnt out with that and spent way too much money!

So I made a deal with myself to support my pony habit;
1. I only buy ponies I actually LIKE.
2. Other than special events, ponies are purchased with a pony credit that I reward myself with for making it through 4 workdays without buying a drink from the cafe.

In the end I should be ale to get only the ponies I really I save myself 6+ dollars a week!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rarity joins the herd

Trying to photograph w/ white background. I think the lighting in my apartment is just not strong enough overall. The overcast day probably didn't help.

And here is the new girl, Rarity. She isn't my favorite in the show, but I think her toy is lovely. And I think I'm falling for Twilight too.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Ponies

I got Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy basic packs for my birthday. :)