Sunday, September 18, 2011

Collection Update

Ben found Cheerilee and Lily Blossom at a Target the other day, whereas I nabbed the last G4 calendar from my local Dollar Tree.

I also got some old ponies from my co-worker. Her family is moving to the UK and her daughter didn't wish to keep her G3 ponies. I got a handful of G3's but none are too terribly interesting. (I'm grateful for free ponies though, now I can do a G3 custom swap if I want!)

What was surprising though are the G4 McDonald toys! I didn't really pursue them and then regretted it a bit, considering a set on ebay is more than I would like to pay. Imagine my surprise to get these unicorns. Twilight has her base but Rarity does not.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The Canterlot exclusives at target include three different versions of Luna. (A styling form, posable form, and brushable form) I don't really have room for the styling ponies and I dislike the posable ponies so I have been searching for brushable Luna since the canterlot promotion began. Finally, last weekend I found her!

I hadn't paid much attention to the releases of Luna as I was just glad there was one, so I was a little surprised by the inaccuracies, though given the state of Celestia, I don't know why I should be. I've just put in my first order to dollyhair, so maybe if I have the correct colors and I'm feeling brave enough to tackle clay I'll try to do a more show accurate version of Luna.

Those eyes....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

G4 Powder for Tiella

G4 Powder was made for Tiella in the G1>G4 Swap at the MLP Arena

Remember the line in Winter Wrap Up when Spike asks why they don't use magic to change the seasons like they do in Canterlot? As soon as I saw Tiella's list I knew Powder must be the pony that welcomes winter.

Here's Powder in her packaging. And I think this is the closest pic I have of the cutie mark/symbol of doom.

And Here she is out of the package.

Powder comes with a necklace, that I thought looked a little like a crystal of snow but also like a flower. And to bring her closer to her G1 counterpart I found some antique ribbon at a lace museum near my house. Oh, and you can see her little animal friend, my first FBR.

Unfortunately, when I was creating Powder I accidentally snapped her neck plug, so her head is glued on in a permanent position. Also the glitter I got was the "super fine" kind from the craft store but it still seemed too big! Also, I think I need some higher quality acrylics. I'll hit up the Pat Catans when I go home for Christmas. My favorite thing is the little bit of blush I got on her cheeks :)