Thursday, March 31, 2011

Collection Update (Warning! Image Heavy)

Let's start off with Applejack. I don't think her toy is anything like her show counterpart, but I'm loving the simple color combination. I'm going to work on the bangs a bit more and eventually find a cute ribbon for her.

Next up is the Pinkie Pie set I mentioned in the blog the other day. Ben found these girls at Target.

Pinkie Pie unboxed.

And Sweetie Belle. I think she is a beautiful little unicorn!

Now for the G1 part of the update!

These lovely ladies I purchased around 2003 or so. I had them displayed in my room for a while and before I moved I packed them in a plastic bag  to keep them safe. Well after I moved I couldn't find the bag and assumed they had been accidentally thrown away. I sold my collection in 2009 to pay for summer classes. While I was going through my photos on the computer I found some pictures I had taken of the ponies year ago and sent a picture of one to my mom asking if she had seen it. Since my mother had recently moved and thus packed up everything in the house this wasn't completely impossible. A few minutes later she sent me a text back and a few days later the ponies were on the way across the country! 

And this is the collection as of today :)

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  1. Hey Nicole, that is such an awesome story about your found ponies. Wow, they are really pretty too, I bet you're glad you didn't have them at the time so you couldn't sell them. So pretty!

    And wonderful G4 collection- they really look so good all together like that- very colorful!