Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twilight and Target

A new Target has opened relatively close to home and I figured it was worth heading over to turn in my pony credit on the off chance that they might have new ponies.

The parking lot was a nightmare! No kidding it was the scariest parking lot I have ever seen. There were cars everywhere and not enough spots and I thought for sure someone was going to hit us. When we finally got in the store and found the ponies the area was smaller than I had been hoping and there were still a lot of G3.5s (ugh scary!) so the pickings were slim.  The two Twilights' heads that were there were very mismatched so we decided to walk to Toys R Us and check there too. The aisles at TRU were even worse! They didn't even have holders for the ponies to hang on... But they did have an Eastershy and a slightly better Twilight. We escaped the parking lot of doom with Twilight in tow and really, I don't think I plan on going back there ever again.

Pictures later :)

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