Sunday, March 27, 2011

New pony art= new theme

I killed my art slump by drawing a cute little pony. When I went to color her though I couldn't think of any existing ponies that had a personality that fit her face.  The new HUB ponies seem to take G1 names with G3 inspired symbols or colors and mash them up, so this here is my Starlight. I hope you like her as she inspired a new theme for the blog. I think the old one was just too busy anyway.


  1. Oooo she's pretty! I wish I could draw better ponies, but they always end up looking like weird dog-elk hybrids.

  2. Ponies are difficult, but if designing them s more our thing than drwing them, there are several pony makers in different styles out there to play with. This girl took forever and I had given up on her more than once. I'm way out of practice.

  3. She looks great, I love your style! I really appreciate the fact that she's been drawn and colored by hand instead of digitally.

    Love your blog too, by the way. Found it from your MLPTP signature (I'm SoSoftClaire there.)

  4. Aww thanks! I'm trying to fix it so the image actually shows up. I haaaaate BBCode with a passion. I like plain old HTML. I have done some digital work but it seems to take so long that I needed something faster and accidentally discovered watercolor pencils last year. I fell in love and as my yay I got a job gift to myself I bought the biggest set I could find on the blick store :)

    Do you do any art?