Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shining Armor & Princess Cadence

When the pony community first got word of Shining Armor reactions were mixed. Many of us were excited to finally have specifically boy pony molds, something that had been missing since the first generation of ponies. Others hated his troll hair, or the fact that Cadance was an alicorn. With some time though, I think the fandom has settled quite a bit. The wedding castle playset has finally been released and I thinkthe fandom has settled, and accepted the two newlyweds much easier than I expected.

I am not a huge fan of the troll hair, but I think in this context it works just fine. I didn't realize the castle would require so much assembly though!

One thing I find really interesting about the pony community is the treatment of Cadance. I don't know if it is inattention, or a what but 99% of the fandom ignores the official spelling of "Cadance" and uses "Cadence". I am completely fine with this and have even done it myself, but I am secretly grateful for it. I know Hasbro just can't use simple names like it did in the 80's and part of that is how copyright works, but it seems like the first real act of solidarity in the pony fandom.

On the topic of Princess Cadece, there are actually two slightly different versions out.
The Cadence on the left comes in a set with a full size Luna and Celestia. They all have tinsel hair and glitter on the wings and horn.
The Cadence on the right comes in the castle playset with her husband Shining Armor.

I just received a notice the other day that most recent batch of ponies I ordered from Hasbro have shipped. I was hoping they would appear today, but it looks like that is unlikely.

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