Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pony Plush

My local target got so many pony things in the other day. It's good for the blog but bad for my wallet...

The pony fandom, especially the bronies have been clamoring for pony plush toys for quite a while now. These ones (Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie) are about five inches which seem a bit on the small side to me, but I guess Hasbro considers this a "safe" plush size. There is also supposed to be a Rainbow Dash in this "set" but there were none at my Target so someone(s) must have already snatched her.

They are quite soft but I personally dislike the hair. And of course I am sad this set doesn't include my favorite pony fluttershy. I'm honestly not a huge Pinkie Pie fan as I feel they made her the brand mascot instead of Twilight. Also I'm burned out on purple and pink from previous pony experiences. But I thought this Pinkie was pretty cute so she came home with me despite her being my least favorite.

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