Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blind Bag Ponies

When I was a very little girl I had a set or two of petite my little ponies. These were hard, molded ponies that had a brushable tail. The G4 pony line also has a model of smaller ponies, but these are sold with a twist. Each pony (about 2" tall) comes in a sealed package so it is a surprise which pony you get. Though of course there are secret codes and sets you can buy as well! Here are all of my blind bags. I'm actually only missing one of the first wave, Roseluck #13.

The sparking ponies were the "special" ponies in the first set of blind bags but recently Target has been carrying a set of "crystal" ponies in every color of the rainbow. However, there are some differences between the releases.
Normal sparkle Rainbow Dash is on the left and "crystal set" Rainbow Dash is on the right.

Up to this point the blind bag size ponies have only come in five styles. (Two each of earth and unicorn, but all pegasi share the same mold)

Recently however, there have been several new molded characters. These are typically released three to a package in a sort of theme. The Cloudsdale package includes Gilda the Griffin, a random Wonderbolt pony, and Rainbow Dash. For being as little as they are, the toys are actually pretty high quality.

Unfortunately my wonderbolt pony is missing a bit of paint though. And as you may imagine though, she is just a little top-heavy.

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