Sunday, August 12, 2012

First Wave Plush Complete

The other day I had some excellent pony luck... without going to the store. Perhaps it would be in my best interest to send Ben out pony hunting for me in the future as he found a Rainbow Dash plush I was missing in my last update at a Target.

Notice the pin? That came from my fabulous coworker "J" who happened to notice it at hot topic and got it for me as a gift!

So here are all of the first wave 5" plush together. I really hope the do sell well so that we can get the others released in the future. (Or at least fluttershy).

Also you may notice that I have updated the site banner as I thought the other one was looking a little old and I noticed that I am about 75 hits away from 12,000! Wow.

Actually I've been very fortunate to find most of the new merchandise lately except for the elusive toys r us (TRU) exclusives.

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