Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jayson Thiessen at AOD

Guess who met Jayson Thiessen this weekend at Animation on Display in San Francisco?

Recapping an entire two-day convention would be a bit of a challenge, so I'll just point out some interesting things.

1. Jayson confirmed the baby on the ceiling to be a Trainspotting reference.
2. Intro to bronies panel will inevitably have essentially no new bronies. Generally, you are better off doing a fan panel.
3. One mention of Smile Smile Smile and it will be stuck in your head for days.
4. The episodes are not built around the lesson/letter and the entire process is much more organic than I believed.

And lastly....

I know a couple of people asked him to autograph multiple things (he claimed he was getting very good at signing tiny ponies) but I rally didn't want to be greedy so I just asked him to sign my Derpy ATC art.

Sorry for the slower updates. I've just been a bit busy but things should be getting back to normal soon. Some things to look forward to are new toys, a new spring banner, and my birthday!

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