Monday, September 3, 2012

Alicorn Roundup

Winged unicorns, often called "alicorns" in the pony fandom are a special breed in Equestria. They have wings and a horn where a majority of the ponies are either unicorn, pegasus or earth ponies. Thus far all of the alicorns in the show have had a special role to play, be it raising the sun or threatening eternal darkness. In the toy forms the alicorns tend to be taller than the normal pony mold as well.
Princess Celestia is part of a new set that includes the alicorn Princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadence. They all have glitter horns and wings. This Princess Celestia is still pink, unlike the show Celestia which is white. This one also happens to have a shoddy paint job on her leg. I feel this tends to happen the most with yellow paint. Supposedly it has to do with the pigments in yellow paint.

You may remember this picture from an earlier post about Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. To reiterate The Cadence from the alicorn pack is on the left (sparkly) while the other Cadence is from the wedding castle playset. Since we do not (yet) have a toy for Queen Chrysalis just pretend that second Cadence is the changling Queen.

And who can forget the alicorns of the night? Nightmare Moon (black) and Princess Luna are two sides of the same coin. I really hope Princess Luna will get some more time in season three. I think she is such an interesting character and I would hate to see her "eclipsed" by Cadence in the upcoming season.

Now I have a question for my readers. If a group of seagulls is a flock and a group of dragons is a flight and a group of unicorns is a glory.... what the heck is a group of alicorns?


  1. I vote for the collective noun to be "a splendor of alicorns".

  2. I really like the new mold for Cadence and Luna...but....why do they still not paint the horseshoes! At least Celestias are painted now, albeit shoddy (and it looks really bad with the pink >.<) I still have to wait for a white Celestia with proper paintjob and...same with Luna and Cadence. So annoying. Nightmare Moon is really pretty though, but she needs a Celestia as her...Ying in my shelf! XD

    1. I really think it just comes down to the almighty dollar. NMM could be more detailed because she was labeled as a collector item and had a higher price point. The other set is more marketed at little girls so corners are cut. I've actually got some metallic paint around my house, but I'll try on a little Cadence before I touch Luna.

    2. Yes, I thought so true. But then, why do they manage to paint them properly on the blind bag figures? It really surprised me they did it there.

      Haha, I thought about painting them myself but...nyeee I don't trust my skills. I'll just be a bit more patient. I bet they'll do some more collector ponies considering how well the ones they did sell.

  3. NightmareMoon022July 4, 2014 at 3:19 PM

    I call them pegicorns like the mythical name for a combination of a Pegasus unicorn , but I'm not sure I spelled it right!

  4. NightmareMoon022July 4, 2014 at 3:21 PM

    I should post my picture of nightmare moon as my face pic ... I'll try that.