Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glimmerwing Ponies

I have discovered a troublesome thing about pony collecting. Sometimes a design you initially dislike will grow on you and then you are stuck getting ponies that you though you would be able to ignore.
Glimmerwing ponies are basic sized ponies with big, glittery wings. Since some of my favorite G1 ponies had butterfly wings, I really though I would like the glimmerwings but my initial reaction was that the wings were too big, to think, basically too plastic and cheap looking. I still think that, but the glimmerwings are growing on me. I guess sometimes it just takes a change in perspective...

Daisy Dreams was previously available as a basic pony, but only in Europe. I actually like her color combination, but find the color mismatch between the different kinds of plastic distracting. This is not unique to this pony, but the condition seems to be more noticeable in the glimmerwings line.

Trotting Pose Fluttershy is also available as a glimmerwing. I kind of don't understand the point of making ponies that already have wings into another pony that has wings, but it's Fluttershy and I think the wings actually look kind of cute on her.

I love the gradient coloring on Sweetsong's wings. I wish she has blue hair though.

I was surprised to find Diamond Rose as a glimmerwing as she was a recent basic pony as well, but I think she really works as a glimmerwing. At least I think she has the prettiest wings and coloring. I remember saying in my initial post about her that I wish she had a stained glass rose instead of a jewel, so maybe it is the fact that her wings look a bit like stained glass that I'm so enamored with her.

Here is a comparison shot of both versions of Diamond Rose. I just noticed that the lower placement of the jewel looks a little "off" on the pegasus mold, but due to the way the pieces come together all of the glimmerwings have symbols that are a little further "down" than normal. I wonder if in the future a lower symbol will indicate a future glimmerwing pony?

And here is a shot of all my butterfly ponies togther. All of these photos (except for the Diamond Rose comparison) were taken with my macro lens so that I could get up close and in focus on one part of a pony and (hopefully) artfully blur a little on another.

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