Monday, September 10, 2012

Traveling Ponies - Cherry Pie and Diamond Rose

I feel bad for Hasbro toy marketing some times. On one hand you have an enormously popular TV series with distinct, lovable, very marketable characters. Obviously you want these toys to be available in the stores at all times because well, wouldn't you be upset if you were a little kid that loved Fluttershy, but you couldn't buy one because she was released 2 years ago? On the other hand collectors and many bronies already have the "mane" six and it is frustrating to not see a variety of new ponies.  It seems like the rule of thumb is to have one wave with the six "mane" ponies and two new ponies followed by several waves of a mix of "mane" six and new ponies.

The Traveling Ponies set (they come with a suitcase/luggage, and paper tickets) happens to only have two new ponies.

Cherry Pie is a pink unicorn with yellow mane and a cherry pie symbol. While it is a disappointment to have yet another pink pony, I do like the pink/yellow combination. Also, I'm glad to see we are getting more ponies in the "trotting" pose that aren't part of a more expensive playset. Perhaps some new poses may be on the horizon.

If Cherry Pie seems a little run of the mill I think Diamond Rose more than makes up for it by being just lovely. I'm a sucker for white ponies, but I feel like if there is going to be pink everywhere this is a better, more stunning way to do it. I do wish the cutie mark was a little higher and less generic. Imagine a stained glass style rose!

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