Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion Style Cadence & Shining Armor

Fashion Style ponies are a bit bigger than their basic counterparts. Of course this means they are more expensive and come with a bunch of fashion accessories. Some people are really into accessories, but even when I played with my toys as a kid I hated my animals to have any kind of clothing or "human stuff". I guess you could call me a real romantic!

I have a Fashion Style Fluttershy, but that is because Fluttershy is my favorite pony. Recently a Fashion Style Set was released with Cadence and Shining Armor and I thought they looked cool enough that I wanted to purchase them. Of course the first thing I did was strip them of their clothing.

Here is Cadence. I think i might actually like the glitter and tinsel hair better on these larger ponies.

And here is the groom Shining Armor. I actually don't know why they chose to go with the mohawk look, his hair doesn't look like that in the show, and the smaller figure of him has "troll hair". I think the hairstyle is kind of cute though!.

Here is the couple together. I actually do like Shining's eye shape here. It can look a little odd from some angles, but here it makes him look a little determined. You can see how he got to be captain of the royal guard.

And here is the couple in a more traditional wedding pose! Funny how the same "determined" eyes can look kind of lovey-dovey here.

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