Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I love Wingers!

My very first pony I got as a child was a Summerwing pony named "High Flyer". I never liked the name and tweaked it so that she was a "he" named Firefly after the main character in the My Little Pony special. There is another set of butterfly-winged ponies called "Windywing ponies" but no one can ever keep the sets straight so they just get collectively called "wingers"

I love the butterfly-like wings these ponies have but they are some of the more expensive common ponies to replace, as the wings were often damaged. When I sold off all my ponies before moving to California, I kept this little guy as he is very special to me.
I've been considering looking for the other wingers, but with G4 around I feel like I don't want to be spending money like that.

Luckily for me zazzle released some "retro" pony designs right before Christmas and I saw this lovely winger binder. Ben was a sweetheart and got it for me for xmas/Hanukkah and now my pony ATC cards live inside the pony binder.I was a little worried about the quality as I don't exactly consider zazzle to have the best quality merchandise. (I worked in the printing business for over a year. I'm allowed to be picky!) Surprisingly the print looks really nice and I think the binder is worth the higher price tag considering it is covered with pony. My only gripe is that poor high flyer looks much pinker and girlier than I am used to imagining, though I don't think it is the print so much as the original box art. It's also made from a name brand binder and hopefully won't be falling apart on me.

Now I just need to do more swaps so I can get some more art to put in it.

PS. This is blog post# 50! This is about 45 more posts than I thought I would do, so a big thank you out there to everyone reading and commenting.

PPS. We're also pretty darn close to 5,000 views. I should do something special...


  1. He's such a pretty pony! :) I've got 2 of the summer wing ponies and I've been trying to complete the set, but it's so hard to find them in decent condition, with their wings, and not too expensive.

    1. I know! I want them, but ebay is just so addictive. I'm a bit nervous that if I don't get them soon the prices will just keep going up...