Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rarity's Carousel

The other day Toys R Us had a BOGO sale on My Little Pony - Buy one get one free. I had been annoyed that a pink "walking pose" unicorn was available only in this $30 set, when all I wanted was the pony. Well if you remember from the blog a while back I bought a molded set but used them as a treat for my Halloween meetup. I kind of fell in love with the molded ponies but can't afford the European ones(importing a set from Europe would probably cost $125 + shipping and there are 4 sets confirmed already) so I used to BOGO deal to get a set of molded ponies all for myself and I got the carousel set for free. I've dubbed the unicorn "Sorbet" until she has an official name.

So I'm a fan of the ponies, not so much of playsets but I'm a huge sucker for carousels (Sandusky, OH has a nice carousel museum if you are ever around) so imagine my annoyance when I tried to put the ponies on the little pegs (all the ponies have a hole in one leg to attach to playsets and such) and the ponies are too big to use with the carousel! Well I figure the blind bag ponies would look adorable on the carousel and they do!

But even the blind bag ponies are too big. Random parts get stuck and prevent the toy from spinning, ugh. So then I figure that only the animal companions/pony friends will fit, but the toy didn't work with those either. It's a good thing I'm a collector and not a little girl, I think I would be heartbroken if I were a kid and it didn't work properly, but for me it is just a cute little display.


  1. The carousel will turn with the blind bag ponies on it if you position them just right. You just have to make sure they don't contact the sides of the carousel at any point.

  2. Lol, thanks anon! I'm glad someone got it to work even if it wasn't me :P