Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fluttershy Ornament

My friend Hipster Derpy gave me this awesome Fluttershy ornament. She knows Fluttershy is best pony.

In other news I am home visiting relatives and making wedding preparations in Ohio.


  1. Although I can contest that Derpy Hooves IS best pony, I will concede to Fluttershy since she is Mane6 best pony.

    Then again, Derpy wasn't turned into an ornament.

    This ornament was my 2.0 design, with the first being Flutter-present (Fluttershy coming out of a present box, and completely 3-D). The first one took a very very long time to create and I had ultimately wanted to create a lot of ornaments in a short period of time to give out/sell. My father was, in fact, the one who had suggested I make a simple design, easy for mass production, and Fluttershy 2.0 came out as a result.

  2. I'm very excited that you love it, by the way!!!

  3. Thank you again HipsterDerpy :)