Monday, November 28, 2011

Felt Firefly

Last year my internet friend MollyBot made me a ridiculously cute felt pokemon ornament for my tree and I have been debating trying my hand at a pony ornament for the last few weeks. Well I ended up at Michael's the other day with a 30% off coupon so I bought a few sheets of felt and some embroidery floss. Then I traced various pony parts from the vector images in the coloring book onto a sheet of paper and cut out around my "pattern".

The result was this cute G1 Firefly that I made for HipsterDerpy's birthday.

I am planning on making some other G4 styled ponies this way as I think it came out awfully cute! Of course I made several mistakes and I know for next time that I should work on the details first. I'm also interested in doing some ponies with felt hair and others with floss. I think the floss works really well with Firefly but it might not work so much with other ponies.


  1. So cute!!! And you did a great job, I hope you do more!

  2. Aww thank you! Yours is about a million times better :)