Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dewdrop Dazzle

This pony is the reason I got back into collecting MLP. I'm such a sucker for blue & pink together. And it's hard to tell here, but I trimmed her mane a few inches and gave her a cute blue bow. Also, she comes with a little duck friend that I forgot to photograph.

Unfortunately this Dewdrop speaks a little of the quality control, as she has brown marks in her plastic that won't come out. I mean I guess when it costs less than a dime to make the pony paying someone to sit and pull of the defective ones becomes more trouble than it's worth. I ordered this one from the hasbro website (as she wasn't in my stores yet) but I was able to get a second one later.

Hasbro is having a 25% off and free shipping sale, but I could only get some wave 4, as most of them were sold out :(


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a colour preference. I CANNOT resist the pale aqua-green ponies with pastel pink hair. Dunno what it is about that combo, but it makes me happy. :D

    1. I kind of wish the tail was solid pink though!