Monday, October 29, 2012

Survey Says: Fluttershy Promo Card Wins

I few weeks ago I posted about the Everfree Northwest Exclusive Fluttershy Card (F38).
Well a while back Enterplay did a survey on their website and promised a limited amount of the same Fluttershy card to survey participants. I didn't really mention it at the time because I do not have very good luck with things like this. But I diligently printed out my email and put it with a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE)and threw it in the mail.

Then some pony collectors started posted that they had gotten their cards in the mail. I didn't get one even when other California ponies had, so I figures I was just out the cost of some stamps, not that big of a deal, they really must have been limited in quantity.

And then I happened to get a piece of mail with some very familiar handwriting on it.

Hooray, I now have two foil Fluttershy cards!

Of course with so many people getting the "exclusive" (we now know that these are generally not exclusive to a single convention) card it means that the supposed value of the card has dropped. I went to ebay to check out some prices and lately the range that the cards actually sold at was between $30-$60 with most around the $40 mark.

It's funny because I have "collected" several card series in my time, but I have never been a serious enough collector to drop more than $10 on a single card. But I have known collectors that are really into cards and would think $40 for a card is not very remarkable. Then I think there are some out there that think all of us pony collectors are crazy for even spending money as much money as we do on plastic toys!

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