Monday, October 15, 2012

Everfree Northwest Exclusive Fluttershy

When enterplay first announced my little pony trading cards I was quite excited, imagining a pokemon-like trading card game. It turned out later that the cards were not actually a game, but trading cards. I didn't preorder any or look for them in the stores as I remembered the days of anime trading cards and not having anyone to trade with.

Of course the cards were a big hit and the company ran out of stock. I only ever found one package in my target and someone had scrunched it up so the cards were all creased. I was lucky enough to be gifted duplicate cards by Starry Night and Apple Cider over at Bronyville. My mom found a few packages in Ohio as well so I wasn't completely cardless.

Then I learned Enterplay would be giving away a special foil Fluttershy card at Everfree Northwest (F38). A similar card was given away at Bronycon and goes for $150-200 on ebay. I asked my friends that were going to try and get me a card, but I knew my chances were slim.

Then a brony named Nemo that didn't collect cards told me I could have his card. I am super grateful that he gave me his card, but I didn't want to not give him something in return, so I traded him a TRU exclusive glow in the dark Zecora.

All I can say is thank you to everyone that has been so generous to help me get some of these pony cards. I could not have done it without you!

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