Monday, October 8, 2012

TRU Exclusive: Zecora

Today's collection addition comes all the was from the Everfree Forrest or at least Ohio where my mom was lucky enough to find the Toys R Us Exclusive Zecora.

Zecora is pretty darn cool as she is the standard pony size (in fact she uses Applejack's head mold) but her body is made out of glow in the dark material. I think her eyes are the most striking feature.

The one thing people don't seem to like about this release is that the gold bands of her bracelet are not painted all the way around her leg, so she only looks "correct" in a few poses.  Meaning she photographs better from some angles than other.

Unfortunately there has been some drama with her pricing. She was announced at the Toy Fair at $9.99 and was on the shelves for a short period of time with this price. Then it got raised to to $14.99 unexpectedly. Just a week or so later it bumped up again to $16.99.

Sadly, we are thinking the price will increase more closer to the holidays.

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