Thursday, October 4, 2012

Daisy Dreams

Daisy Dreams is one of those ponies that has an odd release story. This version is a Toys R Us Exclusive packaged with Rarity and two scooters (so they can charge you more). Daisy Dreams has also been available as a Glimmer Wing pony. But before this release she was in international exclusive packaged with Fluttershy (no scooter). The US version actually has the symbol on the opposite side compared to the international version.

I waffled about getting the set for a while because I was hoping to offset the price by purchasing it during a BOGO sale at Toys R Us. However, she seemed to sell out rather quickly and I grabbed the last one available. Oddly enough Daisy Dreams seems to have been attacked by a random vampire during the night as she came with two weird pricks on her neck.

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