Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Little McPonies Part 2: Vietnam or China?

Last week I did a post comparing last year's Twilight Sparkle happy meal toy to this year's toy. I was surprised that the country that maanufactured the toys had switched from China (2010) to Vietnam (2011). You can read the post and see the comparison pictures here.

This weekend my McDonald's finally got some more toys and I nabbed some new ponies.

Lily Blossom was the first pony I grabbed to photograph when I noticed something strange. As with the Twilight I photographed last week I expected the entire set of ponies to be made in Vietnam.

However my Lily Blossom's marked as made in China!

I think Applejack may have gotten the cutest of the poses this year, and I actually kind of like her simplified symbol as well. This Applejack is also made in China.

Rainbow Dash has a chunk missing out of her leg, though it doesn't show in this photograph.

And she was made in Vietnam.

Finally, Cheerilee is like my Twilight and made in Vietnam.

Unfortunately I've not yet found the other ponies to see what they are marked as. I'm curious though. What's the reasoning behind the different countries of origin? Are all Lily Blossoms made in China or are there potentially two versions of each toy?

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