Thursday, March 15, 2012

Art Isn't Easy! But Commissions are Open

I'll bet something you didn't know about me is that I wanted to go to art school when I was in high school. I considered going to the expensive art school in the next state but I never went. Now that I am older and hanging out with people who actually did go to art school I'm a little sad I never went. But I've always liked to draw, I wish I had some of the pony drawing I made as a kid, I would love to see them now!

Fortunately, I think there are certain freedoms one has from considering themselves a hobby artist. Art has always been something of a relaxing activity and me and I don't know if i would want it to be my main source of income. And if I consider myself a hobby artist I don't need to worry so much about creating artwork for other people or what other people consider "real art".

This doesn't mean that I don't want to improve and make the best art that I can. The Moonlight Fluttershy above was the product of some experimentation for me. It was my first attempt at using sponges with my watercolor pencil and with using frisket/masking fluid.

Here is the drawing I am most proud of at the moment though. I loved working on it and I'm thrilled with how it came out!

Remember in real life that this art is about the size of a baseball card. Unfortunately, this card was made for babyblueducky and she has already been mailed to her home.

Which brings me to the odd part of my post. Last year I got a business license from California so that I could be an artist at conventions, though I never got a table due to my increasing workload at the label company. Because I didn't sell anything the state wants to take my license away to save them money and unless I show them I have sold something this year I'll lose my license. So I am opening commissions for the first time to the general public.

ATC sized art is $5 and 5x7 art is $10.
Contact me at if you are interested!

My full DeviantArt gallery can be found here.


  1. Can I commission a certain rhyming zebra?

  2. Sure! Email me at


    A challenge you present to me
    but it is possible for a fee...

  3. The challenge begins
    To draw a Zecora.
    If you do not win
    you'll surely be poorer.

    To name a fair price
    would be very nice,
    but ask what you will
    and your needs I'll fulfill.

    Craft that fair zebra
    so noble and smart,
    And you'll be rewarded
    in money and art.