Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting Art

One of the things I like about the pony community is they do a lot of swaps, trading hasbro ponies, custom ponies, and even ATC cards. I wonder if you go to a pony convention if there are a lot of these around. Remember the scans of the artwork I did from the last post? Well I got my pony art in the mail and scanned it.

Dovetail at the arena drew me a High Flyer in autumn, and even made a cute little "back card" story for it.



  1. My son and I attended Pony Fair when it was in MN and it was so much fun! Anything Pony you could imagine was there. They had customizing contests and art contests. I won second in the art for adult. My son got first for his custom of a McDonalds pony to Ponyzilla tearing down the empire state building etc.

  2. Lol, that sounds absolutely adorable!