Saturday, April 14, 2012

Royal Wedding

This season the My Little Pony TV show's season final is a royal wedding. The Hub, the television network that airs MLP is going all out to promote the season finale. It seems a little counter intuitive to promote the finale in my opinion. Wouldn't you want to promote the premiere?

The first thing to pop up was that they got Tori Spelling to do something with the wedding. I honestly don't know who this person is, but people were making a big deal of it.

Now they've put an ad in the New York Times Wedding Section. I wonder if anyone who is reading the paper normally noticed it? What were their reactions? I hope it's coming off as cute and silly instead of annoying.

We also have a preview clip of the season finale complete with a British sounding voice over. Gee, I wonder if they are spoofing the royal wedding from last year just a bit.

The website in the commercial is actually kind of fun to play around with. At least I was able to dress up starlight a bit for the occasion.

And yeah she kind of gained some wings there. I dunno it just seemed to fit.

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